Global Environmental Outlook:
Pathways to a Healthy Planet for Healthy People

3 October 2019 | 10:00-12:00
International Environment House II


About this meeting

Under the theme of ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People,’ the sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) is an integrated assessment which considers various scientific perspectives and inputs from across the world in a holistic manner. The assessment urges the world’s decision makers and all citizens to apply the principles of sustainable development to help ensure that Earth’s environment remains the foundation of society and of people’s well-being and resilience.

The report, released a the last UN Environment Assembly, was presented at an event organized within the framework of the Geneva Environment Network.





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Welcome and Introduction
Bruno POZZI, Director, Europe Office, UN Environment Programme

The 6th Global Environmental Outlook
Pierre BOILEAU, Head, Global Environment Outlook programme, UN Environment Programme

Pierre has led his team to complete 6 regional environmental assessments, and the global assessment for the sixth Global Environment Outlook, published in March 2019. His team worked closely with more than 160 experts and authors to produce the analysis contained in the publication. The findings are closely linked to pathways for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as well as a ‘Healthy Planet for Healthy People’, which is the theme of the report.